Brotlocker instead of lockdown!

At Schweitzer Ladenbau, we are of the opinion that innovations are only ever real progress if they at least bring customers an advantage. The good news: Brotlocker does in fact provide forward-thinking bakers with several advantages and many options. Here are some of them:

Turn the crisis into an opportunity!

Hopefully, the acute phase of the coronavirus crisis will be over soon. What will remain is heightened sensitivity to hygiene on the part of consumers and therefore the desire for contactless shopping wherever possible. With Brotlocker you are also fully in line with the trend in this respect.

Extend your counter!

With Brotlocker you have an additional “salesperson” at your side, who ensures more sales on site and in the virtual space, shortens waiting times and noticeably takes the pressure off you or your staff during peak times.

Ensure more impulse buys!

Consumers don’t just buy when they’ve made a conscious decision to do so beforehand. They also like to be tempted and spontaneously make a purchase. This is exactly what you benefit from when you present your fresh bread and pastries in a Brotlocker.

Open your bakery without being open!

Make yourself independent from your shop opening hours. Simply sell around the clock and on Sundays and public holidays too! Brotlocker makes this possible.

Reduce your baked goods surplus!

The margins on bread and pastry sales are too low to be wasteful. At the same time, the competitive pressure from the discount stores is high. Reason enough to therefore reduce surplus consistently and sustainably with the help of Brotlocker.

Digitise your trade with a webshop!

Traditional craftsmanship and the modern online sale of baked goods are not a contradiction. In fact, with a webshop and a Brotlocker you can combine the two and tap into new target groups.

Sell breakfast packages etc.!

Pick up fresh breakfast packages, snack packages, etc. from your Brotlocker conveniently early in the morning? Many new customers will also quickly get used to this service and become regular customers!

Place the Brotlocker in high-frequency locations!

The Brotlocker will not only cause a stir and increase sales in your shop. The same applies if it is located right in front of your branch in a highly frequented shopping street or shopping centre.

Brotlocker as an employee at the staffless hotel!

Surprise your hotel guests with an “employee” who is available around the clock. Who provides your guests with bread and pastries as well as sweet treats and other delicacies. Whether it’s for breakfast, in the evening or in between.